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With decades of experience creating health-enhancing spaces of Beauty and Delight, Alisa Rose Seidlitz, Design Principal of Ambiance Eco, is a Certified Green Building Professional, Graceful Lifestyles Consultant/ Re-Designer, GreenAP for Interiors, Western Feng Shui Consultant, Ecological Garden Designer and Flower Essence & Reiki Practitioner.

As a visionary space healer and eco-harmony(c) guide, Alisa Rose blends practical know-how with deep intuitive understanding.

Born with a love of trees, flowers, rocks and being outdoors, Alisa Rose was already environmentally educated and active decades ago, when she became what is now called chemically sensitive. Back then she was just called crazy for thinking that multiple factors in the environment could be causing her physical symptoms, but she knew that formaldehyde and other toxins were actually involved. And that the Subtle Energies in our spaces are also effecting us - either for good or for ill.

She founded Parents United for Health, successfully initiating and leading the effort to ban all toxic herbicides from use on municipally owned property in her city, which surrounding cities then followed.

In her first career, as a full time parent and Homemaker/Family Manager, Alisa Rose raised her kids "herbally and organically". Now she's enjoying helping to do the same with 3 (thus far!) delicious babies of her babies!

Alisa Rose is devoted to using her experience and expertise to contribute to making this world a place where All can Thrive! You can find her laughing, dancing...or in deep introspection lying on a beach or walking in the woods...and more and more these days, letting her singing voice shine!



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