Inside/Outside Design ~ Western Feng Shui


Everything in our world is composed of energy vibrating at different frequencies.

Everything is interacting, and everything is ‘dancing with’ and effecting everything else.
Our built environments are always impacting us, either for better or for worse.

The colors, shapes, textures, proportions, materials, lighting, temperature and sounds of our physical spaces have direct effects on our minds, bodies, and emotions, and our overall well being, or lack thereof.

Because our spaces effect us , the line between inside and outside is simply one of perception – there isn’t really anything that’s ‘outside’!
We each have our individual, personal bodies.
We can look at the built environment as another layer, as our  ’communal body’, which we share.

Feng Shui is an ‘original green’ system of interacting with and responding to our built environments, inside and out. The practice of feng shui has epitomized living in sync with Nature, observing and taking direction from the forms and cycles of the natural world around us. Arranging one’s life and built environments in harmony with Nature’s patterns.

Feng Shui has been in continuous use from ancient times to the present.
In today’s world however, we are dealing with environmental challenges, which the ancients never knew. At
Ambiance Eco, we cover those challenges as well.

At Ambiance Eco, we address YOUR Energy, in Your Spaces…We bring you a rich combination of Western Feng Shui and Ecological Design Ideas, Enhancements and Solutions to create the BEST possibilities for spaces in which You Can THRIVE!

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