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Ambiance Eco
Alisa Rose Seidlitz
"Exclusive Designs for Spaces filled with Beauty and Delight!"  Certified Green Building Professional
Graceful Lifestyles Consultant/Designer


"My session with Alisa Rose was an enormous help.  Her sense of space, color and energy immediately let me know I was going to enjoy and understand what she was envisioning for my studio.  She offered affordable solutions to charge and transform my space from being nice to being energized yet peaceful and inviting.  She is conscious of her clients needs.  I felt comfortable with her ability "see"  what my personality was and her suggestions reflected that. I'm excited about the transformation that her work will have in my business and my life!  Thank you Alisa Rose."  Marika Chop,  Alameda Wellness Center

         "Alisa Rose is extremely talented at bringing new light to an environment or situation.  In my case, I needed help ensuring that my body care business was well-centered around our natural values.   In the course of our consultation, Alisa Rose shared a series of very insightful questions and teachings that enabled me to see several fundamental factors that  I had not considered. Thanks to her insight, I am now in a better position to ensure that the way we design and package our products will be aligned with the natural principles that we represent as a company.” Julio Blanco,  Sun Turtle Naturals LLC

"I called Alisa Rose because I was feeling I needed more light in my main work space office/kitchen.  I wanted her advice on an architect’s suggestion of laying down white rocks outside the windows and painting the facing wall white.  After looking around for 15 minutes she redefined the problem.  The room needed more elements for comfort to feel less claustrophobic.  She gave me a short course on the elements [wood, water, metal, fire, …] and how they impact our feelings.  She recognized that the problem would be much improved by making small changes inside by adding some color and living plants.  From that one session w/ Alisa Rose, my paradigm shifted; what she taught me has filtered into my whole life. Yesterday I was setting the table for a lunch party and choose the colors of the dishes, napkins and serving dishes with the elements in mind.  Knowing the impact was that I wanted to create a warm, relaxing and welcoming setting.  The short lesson from Alisa Rose helped me to achieve my goals." Anita Medal,  Anita Medal Photography

"I have availed myself of Alisa Rose’s unique talents in both my home and office.  Her depth of horticultural knowledge combined with her sense of design and Feng Shui principals result in environments that are both beautiful and healthy.She cares about her plants.  She cares about her clients.  She cares about the planet.  She cares about the plants and clients getting along on the planet."  Jim Aron, Pacific Western Mortgage Group

         "Articulate, warm, illuminating, fun to be with, great rapport with the audience, made everyone feel comfortable."  Lee Glickstein, Founder and President,  Speaking Circles International

         "Having Alisa design and tend our garden was a great gift. She is truly an artist and her work was transformative and inspiring. I knew she was the gardener for us when I told her the deer had eaten some greenery and she replied that we'd have to plant more for them to eat! She is very connected to both her skills and to her intuition. Her business at the time was perfectly named Loving Gardens. And she did indeed  bring love to our lives through her wonderful gift. Having her in the garden was like having a faery there. Her work takes place on many levels, from the external to the deep internal. I will always feel grateful for her presence in our lives." Laurie White, MA, Reiki Master

"I have used Alisa Rose Seidlitz & Optimal Environments for a couple projects and I know no one else who meets their work with the same level of integrity. She is one of the original mother's of sustainability (having been a ''green'' and ''local'' activist for decades) and she also brings Feng Shui consulting to your space. She is a great landscape designer as well (Loving Gardens Designs). Give her a call - 510-525-5290."  Jonathan DeYoe,  DeYoe Wealth Management


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I am dedicated to creating Beauty, Joy and Prosperity through transforming and
uplifting the spaces where we live and work. My newsletter represents a part of this approach. Each month I look forward to sharing with you news, thoughts and helpful tips. Also, I am delighted to help you flourish in your business and personal life through my consultations.

Flour.ish \fler-ish\ vb  1: THRIVE, PROSPER  2: to be in a state of activity or
photo by Lori A. Cheung production 3: to reach a height of development or influence

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"Dear Alisa, Thank you very much for your great newsletter!  I will subscribe because this certainly is great information!  Thanks again." Heidi Junger Onesta Organics
"Recently Alisa provided a phone consultation for my eco-vacation rental. I found Alisa to be professional, caring and knowledgeable. I have a basic understanding of the practice and benefits of Feng Shui and Alisa's consultation not only improved my eco-vacation rental, her suggestions and comments also enriched my knowledge tremendously. Now when I plan, purchase and decorate, I have greater confidence that I am achieving the balance and influences I am seeking. She was sensitive and encouraging during the consultation. She was especially considerate by making recommendations that were practical for anyone and didn't expect physical or budgetary expenditures that would be beyond my ability
I would highly recommend Alisa to anyone. I really enjoyed speaking with her and and we are extending our relationship based on my positive experiences with her."  Donna Yost, President,   ZenEstate, LLC


“Practical, Intuitive, Sensitive and client centered, I work within your budget and with your sensitivities Together, we can create or enhance the space that will support your business’ Blossoming this spring and beyond.” Alisa Rose Seidlitz,  Ambiance Eco  encompassing EcoHarmony Feng Shui©, Loving Gardens Designs©

Consultations provided on site or by phone. Package and Group Rates available.  Contact me via email or call 510-525-5290

Yes! Please send me "Flourishing In Nature's Flow" Newsletter


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