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"Alisa Rose is a wonderful environmental designer/doctor, who has the ability to see and hear what brings balance and peacefulness to one's physical surroundings. In fact, she's able to apply this to just about any situation. Thank you, Alisa Rose, for helping to clarify how even my business card might have more balance, strength and focus. I look forward to working with you further and recommending you to others."
~ Renee Tucker

Alisa Rose, you are the biggest hearted person I know and deserve accolades and success.
~ Jonathan DeYoe

"Alisa Rose is an incredibly intuitive woman. She can enter any space and help you make it better. She not only has helped me inside my home, she has helped many friends with beautiful gardens, and helping clear any negative energy in their surroundings. Hire Alisa Rose and you are about to experience a wonderful transformation! "
~ Dale Marie Golden

"Alisa Rose has a gift for designing beautiful gardens and landscapes, that reflect Nature’s artistry. She combines color, shape, texture, and more to create outdoor spaces that are as pleasing to the eye as they are soothing to the spirit. In addition, her sensitivity to and deep understanding of elemental energies imbue her work with a vitality that is palpable."
~ Kathryn Bing-You

"I’ve had lots of personal and business dealings with Alisa Rose as a regular person. Then she walked into my office in her professional capacity and she is not a regular person. She sees everything very quickly, and in an inspired passion, transforms your space. Bring color here, add art there, remove that piece of furniture, roll up the rug, add a lamp, move those papers out, add a desk top that works, bring a plant or two in. Within a very few minutes, I had a mental picture of a transformation fit for Better Homes and Gardens or HGTV. I highly recommend Alisa Rose’s unique and artful vision to transform your space."
~ Lynn Caffrey

I have used Alisa Rose Seidlitz for a couple projects and I know no one else who meets their work with the same level of integrity. She is one of the original mother's of sustainability (having been a ''green'' and ''local'' activist for decades) and she also brings Feng Shui Consulting to your space. Oh yeah, she is a great landscape designer as well! Give her a call - 510-525-5290
~ Jonathan DeYoe

Dear Alisa Rose, This is a testimonial to your insight, training and skill. I called Alisa Rose because I was feeling I needed more light in my main work space office/kitchen. I wanted her advice on an architect’s suggestion of laying down white rocks outside the windows and painting the facing wall white. After looking around for 15 minutes she redefined the problem. The room needed more elements for comfort to feel less claustrophobic. She gave me a short course on the elements [wood, water, metal, fire, …] and how they impact our feelings. She recognized that the problem would be much improved by making small changes inside such as by adding some color and living plants. From that one session w/ Alisa Rose, my paradigm shifted; what she taught me has filtered into my whole life. Yesterday I was setting the table for a lunch party and choose the colors of the dishes, napkins and serving dishes with the elements in mind. Knowing the impact I wanted to create a warm, relaxing and welcoming setting. The short lesson from Alisa Rose helped me to achieve my goals. Sincerely,
~ Anita Medal

Alisa Rose helped our office immensely. When we first moved in, the office seemed cold and felt uncomfortable. Alisa Rose made many suggestions regarding color and plants and more. We added some carpeting in the colors she suggested and plants of type that she suggested. The transformation is remarkable. The office warmed up and became more inviting, which was exactly what we wanted. Thank you, Alisa Rose!
~ Dr. Clare Garcia

Dear Alisa Rose, Thanks so much for your good advice on where to place our new home on our land, in my multi-building construction project. We have had others try to address my concerns without success. You are the one who has given me peace of mind. Everything you said made a lot of sense to me and helped to clarify some of the issues and guide us on how to make the best choices. As things evolve I will want to consult with you further on this and other projects. Sincerely,
~ Lyn Talkovsky

Alisa Rose, I wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for taking the time to talk to me about how to upgrade the meeting room for my last workshop. I really appreciate it. Your advice definitely helped create a more positive space I did have more sign ups than last time.
~ Caterina Rando

Alisa Rose, I did everything you advised and we had a fantastically successful open house for Alameda Wellness Center. Thank You!
~ Marika Chop

Just experiencing the consultation with Alisa Rose made me feel better in and of itself! I came to her with a nagging problem, and I was pleasantly surprised to learn the creative solutions she gave me. They're quite easy to implement, to transform my work space into something I can feel good about and am comfortable being in. Thank you, Alisa Rose!
~ Dana Gilbert

As a stager, I consulted with Alisa Rose for help regarding a beautiful house that had not sold after being on the market for one year. It was staged beautifully and had amzaing outdoor views. I approached Alisa Rose for what I thought was a certain Feng Shui issue.
I know a little of Feng Shui, but with this house I was stumped. She uncovered the real issue. For this I am so very grateful. With Feng Shui knowledge, her intuitive nature, and her probing questions, she provided the answers for which I was looking.
She clarified what I was unable to comprehend. What she said made so much sense... it was amazing. We worked over the phone after sending several photos of the house in question. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs help clarifying Feng Shui issues thus bringing about the opportunity for a solution. I can't say enough about the help she provided!
~ Rebecca LaBelle

Update: As soon as we did what you advised, we got 4 offers! The house is in escrow and closes at the end of the month. So many many thanks!

Before we hired Alisa Rose, our office was dull and lacking. Her work has created an uplifting, tranquil and refreshing environment. A pleasure to work in.
~ Chris Briones

I was putting my mother's house up for sale. Three months went by with no offers. I hired Alisa Rose to stage the front garden and the house interior. and we sold the house for our price in weeks! (I appreciated the interpersonal sensitivity that Alisa Rose showed me during this time of mourning.)
In our own suburban home my husband and I have hired her for consultations in landscape and Feng Shui. She took the time to teach us about them as well as the environmental science aspects of gardening.
She is attentive to our preferences and vision. She skillfully combines the realities budget etc., within Feng Shui and aesthetic principles. Alisa Rose is easy to work with, and I have no hesitation in heartily recommending her to others.
If you want good value, and a passionate commitment to organic gardens and Feng Shui Principles in designing according to the your needs, she is for you! (Too)
~ Deborah Sampson-Johannes

I have had the pleasure of visiting several lovely spaces designed and remodeled by Alisa Rose - a sweet garden cottage and a home, whose interiors she designed, and beautiful gardens. All delightful and impressive...I felt I was in an oasis of calm where I could retreat from the outside world. Alisa Rose’s work is green, sustainable, integrated, and she’s a pleasure to interact with!
~ Judith Gordon

I have availed myself of Alisa Rose’s unique talents in both my home and office. Her depth of horticultural knowledge combined with her sense of design and Feng Shui principals result in environments that are both beautiful and healthy. She cares about her plants. She cares about her clients. She cares about the planet. She cares about the plants and clients getting along on the planet.
~ Jim Aron

"Alisa Rose is extremely knowledgeable in her field of eco feng shui design. If you are interested in a healthy and comfortable environment with positive energy in your space, Alisa Rose is the gal for you. By following her personalized suggestions, you can improve your health and your productivity. With her help you will be SMILING and helping the whole world become a better place.
~ Aziz Khatri

So many people comment on the beauty of the garden, you should put up a sign!
~ Roger Taranto

Alisa Rose created an uplifting, environmentally friendly landscape plan for our yard. As she articulated her plan, she inspired us to envision the beauty, peace and harmony that was possible in our outdoor living space.
~ Lorina T

From Passers-By: Garden I: I love this garden! I walk down this block just to see it. Garden II: Thank you for making this garden. I pass it on the way to and from work and it makes me feel good." Garden III: one passerby to another : "Look, isn't this a beautiful garden?!" "Yes,it's really wonderful!"

Hello Alisa Rose, You are a breath of fresh air. Your wonderful newsletter continues to provide thought provoking ideas and valuable info. Thank you for creating it.
~ Steve Kaye

I love how Alisa Rose Seidlitz spoke about Western/Green Feng Shui at the Green Building Professionals Guild meeting. She shows so much delight in her topic and was so engaging. It really brought feng shui alive."
~ Doug Coe


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